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How to Sell Structured Settlement Payments


You may sell only a portion of your future payments and hold on to some of the periodic payments for your future. The remaining payments continue to function with benefits, and as a result you can have your immediate needs looked after, and still insure for the future.

Full Buyout

You may sell all of your future payments and receive one large lump sum amount in exchange. This can provide you with what might be needed to deal with a big life event or to invest in a better opportunity to earn money.

How it Works?

handmoney cashhands In case you have never sold a structured settlement or an annuity before, you may be a little uneasy. You should keep in mind that it is an easy option. First thing is to decide to sell, and then you continue to a simple court date and after that you will receive the money. You will have great assistance from our customer service department in order to guide you through the whole process. You will be looking at a free quote in a few minutes. Following are the steps.
  • Deciding to go ahead with sale – If you sure you want to start this process, whether it is because you have found a great opportunity for investment or you definitely need the cash right now, then you should start the process.
  •  Getting in Touch – You will be talking to our representative and he or she will take you through the entire process step by step.
  •  Receiving Free Quote – You should find out how good our pricing is, as we will give you a free quote in few minutes.
  •  Getting a Cash Advance – In case you need the money immediately, we will give you a cash advance as soon as you sign up in order for you to have access to the money right away.
  •  Setting up a Court Date – Once you file the paper work, you will be required to explain a judge why are you selling the annuity. Then you will get the money.
  •  Getting Your Cash – After the court has approved the process, you will be getting the money very quickly.

How Much Money Can You Expect?

A number of factors determine how much money you should expect to get for the sale of the structured investment. These factors include interest rates, health of the economy, investment opportunities, how high the demand and how much of the annuity you are selling.


Reliable Factors

  •  The timing of payments which you will be selling
  •  Value and quantity of the remaining payouts which you will be selling
  •  Whether or not you will be selling any lump sums
  •  Expenses and fees
  •  Economies current health

Need Cash Immediately?

We can help you with a cash advance of up to $1,000 Right away.


Tips When Selling Structured Settlements or Annuities

Current Value of the payments

Companies which purchase the structured settlements must stay in business, so that they do turn a reasonable profit. This is why offers for the annuity will be less than the total value in a payout. The amount less will depend on the factors mentioned above.

State Law

While the annuity may contain language in it to limit the ability to sell it, you will have your rights protected by the law in most of the states. There is a federal regulatory model as well which addresses the implications for tax if you sell a structured settlement, which requires you to get an approval from court. It will make sure that the sale is in your best interest.

Talk to an Expert

It is recommended that you get an advice from a financial planner or lawyer, who can guide you as to what the best course of action might be. They will tell you regarding the worth of your structured settlement or annuity according to them, and will also advise you on the strategies which you may wish to use to avoid taxes.
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Judicial Approval

Seasoned attorney’s work diligently for the prompt scheduling of the court date which is a minimum of 21 days from filing, in order to receive court approval.

Receive an LOI

Your annuity will be reviewed for marketability and cash value, and you will receive a formal letter of intent to purchase some or all of your payments.

Receive your Payment

Your lump sum funding is sent, and is now yours to do what you wish.

Signing of contact

A specialized notary will visit you to go over the contract and notarize the signing.

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